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mPowering Foundation is Live!!!!!

A lot of you have been wanting to know what non-profit I am traveling with. Well, now that the website is live I will let them do the talking for me. Please visit their website to learn more about it. Of course, I am going to be annoying and bother all my friends and relatives to help donate, but I think once I post pictures of the actual families I am helping, they will speak for themselves.

Wish us luck!!!!

mPowering is a nonprofit organization that is pioneering the use of mobile technology to empower the world’s poor—those living on less than $2 a day—to break free of the multigenerational cycle of poverty.

Through our unique business model, we do what no other charitable organization can: We address the poor’s most urgent need—hunger—while enabling them to access lifelong benefits that are essential to quality of life—education and healthcare.

Our incentive-and-award approach eliminates some of the tough trade-offs the poor face each day. Through the use of our mobile applications, the poor are given the opportunity to take positive steps to improve their lives, and they’re rewarded with food and other basic necessities. For instance, kids no longer need to choose between going to school or working to earn food for their families—with mPowering’s help, they can have both!

We know that the journey out of poverty is a long one, and our model enables our donors tobecome a part of that journey. Whether through their phones or online, we provide donors with a window into the lives of the individuals they are helping, allowing them to see the immediate and lasting impact of their contributions.

Innovative. Compassionate. Visionary. Together with our local partners and our generous contributors, we are changing the face of poverty relief.

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