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My Current Editing Space

This is what my desk look like at the moment. A little…cluttered.

And yes, that IS an Incredible Hulk coffee mug and I am still looking for sponsorship from the folks over at 5-hour energy.

Lots of editing has been going on lately. So forgive me if cleanliness is no the back of my mind.

Five days. Oh god so much to do!!!!

Also, today I took my Macbook Pro to the apple store to get fixed. The disc drive hasn’t been working for a while and since my Apple Care has 15 more days left in it, I figured it was now or never. They told me it would be ready in 5 to 7 days. I told them that, ready or not, I will be coming by to pick up my Macbook on Saturday. I threatened the guy that if they send my Macbook off without any consent, I WOULD be getting a new one from them for free, since I need mine for the extravaganza that begins on Sunday.

He seemed scared. Good. Be scared Apple dude.

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  1. 5 Hour Energy Shot No Crash

    July 18th, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    Thanks for finally writing about > My Current Editing Space | Gabriel Gastelum | Photographer < Loved it!

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