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Preparation and Fears

It is still mind boggling to me that a non-profit has picked me to travel with them in order to help document their cause. I will write more about the company once the website goes live, but for now my mind is still racing on the thought that this is really happening. Of course, the beginnings were full of joy and certainty. You know, those happy feelings you get when you realize you get to travel to a country due to the fact that someone things you are talented enough to trust.

Then, it sinks in. Those realizations and fears that you don’t think you can live up to certain expectations. Honestly, since this is the beginning, it happens to me before any photoshoot. A slight ting of fear with me thinking that the clients will be horribly unhappy with my results. Hopefully, my passport will be stamped with that Visa that will take me to new adventures; and, hopefully I can put these fears aside and do my best to live up to these expectations of me.

Sure, I have received a lot of praise from a lot of people from my travel photography. I hear a lot that I am able to capture the essence and emotion of any place I am traveling to. I love to hear this and its such great feedback. but this time the pictures are not for me. They are for someone else. Someone who thinks these pictures will help portray THEIR cause for helping complete strangers understand why and who they are trying to help.

I know most of my friends and family will say I am crazy for thinking these thoughts. And I may be crazy, but they aren’t the ones that are going or have this responsibility. So crazy or not, these feelings will stick. But, fears aside, I am excited to be part of this new adventure.

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  1. kendra robinson

    September 5th, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    OHMIGOD where are you going!?!?! I need to hear all about this! I’m so EXCITED for you, IT’S ALL HAPPENING!!!!!!Really, truly cannot wait to see the amazing photos that come out of this experience. Congrats, Gabe!

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