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This Is Mexico

At the moment, Mexico is in the news a lot for really really bad reasons.

But as Mexico celebrates its bicentennial tomorrow, videos were released to remind people that a country is not defined by everything you see in the news. The videos, for lack of a better word, are incredible.

For example, the one of Sonora, a state that was my BACK YARD made me realize I really don’t know this part of Mexico I have grown up in all my life. I vow to change this. The roommate extraordinaire, Mar, said it best: “Its ironic how we try so hard to see different parts of the world when we don’t even know the area we came from.”

I am always asked to name my top five places I would want to travel to next. It always changes, and will again now that I am going to Nepal, but one part of the world that I have ALWAYS wanted to go to is Chiapas. Its so close, yet I have never made the effort to actually go.

I mean, watch the video and you will know what I mean.

Maybe next year, that will change.

Anyway, Happy Independence Day Mexico!

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