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A Little Sample in Attempt to Catch Up – mPowering

This recent trip to India and Nepal with mPowering has definitely been more than life changing. To be honest, all of the trips I have taken have been life changing, but this one stands a little bit above the others. Since I didn’t have the access to blog in the last three weeks I feel kinda overwhelmed at the thought of where to start on blogging the trip.

I usually blog at the moment, when the thoughts and images are still fresh in my head. So when it significant time has passed it is hard for me to go back and think about what I want to say or images I need to post.

But they will happen.

Trips like this one awake your soul. I told my sister once that you can learn more traveling six weeks abroad that you can in four years at a university. I still stand by that statement. This trip to India and Nepal not only taught me more than I could possibly remember at one time, but it also opened up my emotions and thinking in a new way.

As I prep to go to Hawaii for an amazing wedding with some of my best friends its funny to think how I was in some of the poorest parts of the world these last three weeks.

I will try my best to catch up. I promise. And I hope the images you see also affect you in the same way they affected me.

For now, I will post some that I had intended to post a while back to let you catch up and a sample of some of the images you should expect to see.

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