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Katherine & Greg // Hawaii Wedding Photography // Preparations

I have been a bad friend and have fallen behind on editing, but thankfully I have amazing friends that completely understand. So, for Katherine and Greg’s wedding I will be blogging it in a couple of parts, instead of one big blog post. After shooting a couple of weddings, you get to learn a few things. First of all, girls can take all day and a half to get ready. It doesn’t matter how long they have, it just never seems enough for them. Guys on the other hand, can get ready in exactly 3.2 seconds.

So here is the first part. Pictures of the rehearsal, the girls getting ready and the groom getting ready. I am currently editing the portraits and I CANNOT wait to show them to you because they are amazing (and because I think Katherine can be a model).

Also, the pictures of the ceremony will hopefully show why I think this was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.

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