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Robyn is a Pop Genius

I can’t remember the last time I bought a whole album. It’s very rare for me to like someone’s entire album. I usually just download the songs I like and that is it. This year though, Robyn has released two albums and in a couple of days her third one is coming out. THREE albums in one year. Almost unheard of, which is why she made headlines all over the music world. Dancing on My Own, Hang with Me, Fembot and Indestructible are all songs I have posted on my blog.

I had the chance to listen to Body Talk 3 before it comes out and its official, that makes it three albums this year that I will have bought in its entirety.

Her song Call Your Girlfriend is pretty much pop brilliance. The fact that Ke$ha or Katy Perry do better than her songs makes me kinda sad inside…Only kind of because I still sing their songs with full lung capacity when intoxicated.

I have spoken.

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