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A Look Back At My 2010 // A Year of Epicness

Gabriel 45 of 365: Surrounded by smiles
This year could possibly go down as one of the most amazing years in my entire life. So amazing, that who knows if any other year could possibly top it. It may not be possible, but I am for sure going to try! Besides photographing some of the most amazing clients and events this past year, I got to travel to places I had never been to before and I got to experience moments that have truly changed the way I look at my own personal life.

I actually started 2010 being incredibly sick with some sort of Flu that had me in bed for a while. It was a shitty way to start the year, that’s for sure, but it grew into a spectacular one after that.

Before I go on, I want to say that none of this, I mean NONE OF IT, would have been possible without the amazing and incredible support that have been my parents. This year has been a year that has made me count my blessings, but none have made me so thankful as when I think about how lucky I am to have my Ama and Apa behind me every step of the way.

They, without a doubt and cheesy as it may seem, are the two most incredible people I know.

I watched and celebrated my beautiful sister being a debutante with family and my best of friends (that had been there with me when we were all in the same debutante ball in 2002.)

Laughed forever with a Bestie that visited.

I had a mini college reunion with the most amazing people at Lake Tahoe. A weekend of epic moments.

Dance With Somebody
Cheered on for some amazing dancers. Proud of ya girls!

I finished a self-portrait project, where I took a picture of myself everyday for a whole year.

The New San Francisco Ballet Company
I wore a Tutu.

Saw my Aunt be an inspiration and obtain her Master’s degree, with my Grandmother in attendance.

364/365 A Day At The Park
Spent a wonderful week in New York City.

I'm Spinning Around In Circles
Road tripped from San Francisco to Seattle with Katherine, Alex and the future famous Christine in a trip that can only be described as “liver crushing”.

I backpacked Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil with my amazing and brave sister, in a trip that will only go down as one of the best in history.

It Seemed Like A Dream
Accomplished a dream.


India & Nepal – mPowering Trip from Gabriel Gastelum on Vimeo.

Was hired to travel with an amazing Non-Profit, mPowering, to document a life changing trip to India and Nepal.

Celebrated an adopted sister birthday in a city that I miss OH SO MUCH.

It was also an incredible year as a photographer. As mentioned above, this year I’ve been and was able to photograph places and people in Arizona, California, Washington, Georgia, New York, Hawaii, Louisiana, India (and again before the year is up!), Nepal, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Argentina

But out of all those that I photographed I want to thank my friends the most. A big shout out to Deborah, Justin, Katherine, Greg, Aubrey, Evy and Joe. Not only for encouraging to pursue my dream, but for trusting me enough to document such important pictures for all of you.

Partied with Niamh in Epic fashion before she left for Ireland.

Gabriel 70 of 365: Boy Lilikoi
I saw a best friend get married in Hawaii.

Gabriel 89 of 365: Hurricane
I partied with Kelly Ripa in New Orleans.

Slide of Hand & Twist of Fate
Had an incredible Thanksgiving weekend with my family in Arizona and my second family in Atlanta.

I share an apartment with an incredible roommate. I’ve been on 30+ flights this year. I saw things that changed my life. I saw things that still give me nightmares. I met and bonded with people that will be friends for life. I’ve made people happy. I’ve made people angry. I’ve had amazing photoshoots. I’ve had crappy photoshoots.

I wouldn’t change any of it.
So here is to you 2010, you have been one incredible ride (and its not over!!).

2011, get ready.

Zabrina Fashion Shoot. Nogales, AZ

Angela, Senior Portrait Session. Nogales, AZ

Juanga High School. Orissa, India

Aaron & Kelly Wedding. Tucson, AZ

Aubrey & Nate Wedding. New Orleans, LA

Katherine and Greg Wedding. Kauai Kalaheo, HI

Karla and Jason Couple Session. Danville, CA

Stone Family Lifestyle Session. Pacifica, CA

Matt Johnson Lifestyle Session. San Francisco, CA

Deborah and Justin
Deborah and Justin Engagement Session. Seattle, WA

Girl in line for hospital. Humla, Nepal.

Elizette, Senior Portrait Session. Nogales, AZ

Lidia & Chris Engagement Session. Treasure Island, CA

Evy and Joe Engagement Party. Atlanta, GA

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