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Asia SF, Transgender Performers and Quiche

My old blog used to be really personal. Lately, it seems like I only post pictures of my sessions here. That is fine, but one of my goals for next year was to start posting more about my life as well.

So here you go, it was a regular weekend of exploring the city more and more. We went to a show at Asia SF that is known for having transgender women perform at the bar while you dine.

Text I sent to my Mom that night:

“Here is a picture of Mar taking a shot from a Transexual’s crotch”

Response from my mom.

“OMG and I just opened this at CHURCH!!!”

Whoops. I guess maybe there is a reason why it stopped being so personal???? Maybe I should restart using my TUMBLR and use that as an outlet to post things that are more personal and less work. Seriously though, some of these women at the restaurant were STUNNING and you would have never guessed that they used to be men. Some where obvious, but others would have you saying “NUH UH” out loud.

Also, the other week the roommate extraordinaire made a Quiche that rocked my world.

Seriously, it was made with tears of an Angel and made my mouth feel like it was in Heaven. The process and cooking time were ridiculous and it was filled with ingredients that you could only find in jungles from movies like Avatar or Jurassic Park. It was incredibly well worth it.

Also, I am obsessed with this song.

The End.

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