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Dr. Christopher Barley Hospital // Humla, Nepal

While I have showed a lot of pictures of the people I took pictures of in Nepal and India, I have hardly posted pictures of the places I stayed. Here we have the hospital in Nepal. I took the picture from the small air field Humla has for the tiny planes and UN helicopters in order to land. Speaking of, taking the small plane to Humla is definitely a nerve-wracking experience. On one side of the airport you have the small village of Humla, on the other side you have nothing but fields, the hospital and the majestic Himalayas.

Trying the describe the height of such mountains is almost impossible. We would trek a few meters up the mountain and you would literally be at the edge of a cliff looking down into the valley below.


Michael and Kamael (the two incredible non-profit founders I traveled with) have explained to me that they are starting the process of building a school by the hospital.

I hope I get to go back.

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