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Susan + Andrew // Los Altos Hills Wedding

As soon as I met Susan and Andrew for coffee one day in San Mateo to talk wedding details, I knew it was going to be a good match. These two have known each other since their days at UCSD and have waited a long seven years for their big wedding day. I seem like a broken record because I always say that they are the nicest and coolest couple I have yet to meet. But, I am just incredibly lucky, because Susan and Andrew have now fallen under that category!

It was a beautiful wedding in Los Altos Hills at the [History Museum] (which is a beautiful location). The whole wedding had that magic “do it yourself” vibe (which I love). I have definitely been part of really laid back weddings before, but this one absolutely takes the cake. Everyone, from the wedding party to their family members and friends were so chill and outgoing that it was really easy to just walk around and photograph some magic.

Another awesome thing I would like to mention. Showit has recently started this new feature for it’s clients called [PASS]. It’s a revolutionary system that pretty much allows you to share client galleries and photos with anyone in an internet Kung Fu Kick Ass kind of way. Usually, I go crazy trying to post every single picture because I love so many, now I can have everyone (when allowed) look at whole galleries online, without the pesky options that other gallery and picture sites give.

You can check out Susan + Andrew’s whole wedding by [clicking here for their PASS gallery.]

If not, here are some of my favs from that day!

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