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It all started with Artwalk. The Los Angeles Artwalk downtown is an event that happens once a month. In short, it is an epic event where artists, designers, vendors, galleries, food trucks and musicians just form one huge party.

It is awesome. 

I was browsing various jewelry designers when I found some earrings that caught my eye. Figuring they would look great on my sister, I approached the booth and began browsing. It was then that I started talking to Tasha, the designer, and quickly learned that she is AMAZING. I also quickly learned that she needed photos of her new designs. I told her if she gave me a pair, I would do a quick test shoot to see if she liked what she saw.

I came up with this.

She loved them.

We set a date. She allowed me to test out my new strobes and gave me control and the option to experiment. She even asked if my sister could model for her since she loved the look so much. It was truly a fun day! You can check out her [+Site] I made for her, and you can always contact Tasha herself if you are interested in her designs [email:].


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