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Our time in Siem Reap was extremely special. Not only was it the only place we didn’t stay at a hostel; it was the only place where we stayed with an incredible family. Universal nice guy Greg, had a co-worker who graciously offered us a place to stay with her family in Cambodia. Not only were we glad to be avoiding hostels where horror films are made, we were staying at an INCREDIBLE home. As soon as we arrived ¬†and got settled in Siem Reap, our amazing hosts wasted no time.

“You have to see the sunset at the temples of Angkor”

So now, when anyone asks me for advice on what to do in Cambodia, I tell them their top priority should be to see the sunset (or sunrise) at the famous temple of Angkor Wat.

It will blow your mind. Not just the sunset, but walking around the temple grounds will leave you in awe.

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