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I had a blast meeting Eli (short for Elizette) for an incredible senior portrait session. We had the most wonderful Arizona light on our side and some fun locations (Hello abandoned vintage car). She, in short, was incredibly fun to work with. Not only was she up for anything, but she didn’t miss a beat with my erratic shooting style. (Jump! Again! Walk away, but look at me! do the splits! Smile! Funny face! You just saw someone you hate! SMILE! AGAIN! Get in there! Get on top of the car! Climb up there! Don’t smile!, etc)

A lot of senior girls ask me how they should dress, wear their makeup, etc. My response is simple.

I just want you to be yourself.

Due to horrible television and movies, these poor teens have such a skewed image of what they should aspire to be. They want to be perfect, but they already are in their own way. I don’t want to capture who they want to be, I want to capture who they are. It should be your style, your smile and your characteristics. This doesn’t mean that I don’t tell them they should have fun with it! Of course they can rock an outfit they would never wear or use high heels that are impossibly high or bring their electric guitar!

It’s all about having fun.

If you have fun, relax, be yourself then you will be insanely happy with the pictures that come out. Anyway, I always said that those senior portraits that most high schools offer are beyond horrible. That lame portrait look with the awful background and props.

THESE are how a senior portraits should look.

Eli, you rocked my socks off!

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