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To this day, Deborah and Justin’s wedding, is probably at the top of my list of funnest weddings I have ever been too. Luckily, I went as a guest, and brought zero cameras to the event and it was wonderful. They had an incredible cover band, amazing food, cupcakes, a barman that tried to kill us with alcohol, fireworks and a second dinner! It had been so long since I attended a wedding and had nothing to worry about.

The day before the wedding, though, Deborah asked me if I could photograph their traditional tea ceremony.

Um. Of Course.

Deborah and I met one amazing day our freshman year in college and since then we have amassed an incredible collection of stories together. I will also never forget the incredible trip, the three of us took to China for her brother’s wedding. Her ceremony was just another story in our long book and it brought back memories of our trip to China.

Except there was no Sprinkles Ice Cream (inside joke). 

I love these two and I felt pretty awesome to have captured some great images for them.

You can head over to my [Facebook] to see the complete gallery.


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    November 21st, 2011 at 9:55 pm

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