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… An influential artery that pumps identity and culture to and throughout the rest of the world, standing as a communication mountain that houses the (in)famous and influential alongside (skid) rows of some of the poorest in America. It’s a hyper real city in which dreams live and die amidst projected aspirations and surface glamour; a buzzing hive of activity and creativity where brokenness and insecurity coexist with wealth and influence. LA is an eclectic melee, not only the land of the rich and famous, but also a microcosm of hipster and surf mavens who spill out of nondescript low rise concrete buildings before washing up on the laid back shores of Venice beach. Trendy coffee shops gain prestige alongside lounges and bars, production companies and studios bid for territory in Variety entertainment columns. Boutique stores clamber for the next A-List face, traffic clogs up the ranging freeways, sidewalks provide a home for the homeless but also a hotspot for eager tourists. Struggling actors wait tables, paparazzi hide on street corners, individuals find themselves immortalized in concrete stars pounded by the footprints of prostitutes and wannabe- Hollywood voyeurs alike. And not forgetting the sun, sea and sand: an ever present offer of warmth, health and optimism.
Los Angeles.
– by Laura Whitby

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