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Photography in Los Angeles is at a whole new level. Truthfully, a level that was beyond my experience. I was used to capturing moments, people & places with little equipment and only available light at quick speed. Pictures were hit or miss, and some didn’t come out perfect. But it was those imperfect ones that were my favorite. 

In Los Angeles you have fancy studios, make-up artists, stylists, hair stylists, huge light rigs and expensive equipment. In these shoots, its hard to take one photo (let alone a couple) without having someone run in to “fix” something that is not perfect. It can get a little frustrating at times and I am quickly learning that you don’t need all that.

This is why I loved my shoot with Ryan. Not only was her [lifestyle session] absolutely incredible, but her editorial blew me away. It was just me, the make-up artist and her incredible performance.

I’ve seen photographers get frustrated during shoots because the lighting is wrong, or because something isn’t going right. I am more of a go with the flow guy. Work with what you have!

I told Ryan the concept. I wanted her to be wrapped in metal chains, but I wanted her to show that these chains aren’t going to hold her back from doing what she loves: To dance. 

She blew me away. 

I’m growing. My Photography is growing… I can feel it in the deepest parts of me and it is thanks to people and shoots like this one with Ryan. I I sure don’t have it figured out, but I’m one tiny step closer.

Ryan. You are amazing. Enjoy!


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