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my first time

Not too long ago I was talking to a fellow wedding photographer (and friend) and he randomly asked me if I remembered my 1st engagement session.

“Of Course”, I said. 

“Really? I’ve shot so many that I can’t remember mine”, he replied.

He shoots A LOT more weddings than I do, so I wondered if I had photographed that many engagement sessions, if I would ever forget mine.

Heck no. 

To be honest, I photographed a full blown wedding before I did an engagement session with a couple (I was an emergency back up when the wedding photographer missed his flight).

But I really don’t think I will ever forget my session with Monica & Aaron in San Francisco. The weather was absolutely terrible (rain & fog), but that didn’t stop us from going outside and having a blast.

It really wasn’t the fact that I had such a great time with Monica and Aaron, but it was the feeling I felt afterwards. I had such a huge smile on my face and I think it was because I KNEW I wanted to be a photographer. I wasn’t too nervous that they weren’t going to like the pictures. It wasn’t a case of “I Can do this”, but at the time it was definitely a case of

I WANT to do this. 

So here we go. Lets take it back a couple of years and bring back Monica & Aaron in love. (Re-edited with the help of the lovely folks over at VSCO FILM)

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