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The first time I met Kerri, we took shots and sang Rihanna out loud. After a night of uncontrollable laughter (ok maybe two nights) she told me that I needed to photograph her family.

I warn each family that if they expect a posed portrait (like those cheesy studio photos) then they needed to hire another photographer. I don’t do that and never will.

I want to capture you as a FAMILY. Your smiles, your interactions and your stories. 

Spending a couple of hours just hanging out yields way better images than trying to get a family portrait sitting on the couch staring straight at the camera.

“Come over,” said Kerri, “and I will make Margaritas afterwards.”

Who can turn down Margaritas?

Their son Connor is so cute that it should be downright illegal and you should see his eyes light up when you talk about any sport involving a ball.

I had such a fun afternoon with this family. It was such a beautiful afternoon and I am honored to have been there to capture some images for them.

I am pleased to introduce to you, the Boytis family.

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