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At the beginning of June I took a little road trip. My good friend Evan was moving from New York City back to Arizona (I know, ew). Anywho, considering that I have helped his sister move across the country twice now, that I would be willing to help him drive from New York City to Nogales, Arizona.
Hell yeah I was.

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and finally Arizona. 

We saw a lot of beautiful, a lot of ugly, a lot of nothing, a lot of weird, a lot of scary, a lot of funny, etc. You know, what a good road trip usually entails.

Each state had its moments and there were definitely some states I would love to explore (and definitely some I would love to avoid) more.

In Arizona, I was able to hang out with my parents for a full 24 hours before I had to fly back to Los Angeles to pack for my big trip to Central & South America. But, it was awesome just being back home and seeing the progress on the new house they are on ranch land.

Drive with us.

We named the U-Haul “Pinta”.

Driving a truck out of Manhattan is one of the most stressful things evar (New Yorkers CANNOT drive).

Yes I took a lot of pictures of the St. Louis Arch. We were completely blown away by how awesome it was!!

Cartwheeling the Arch.

Oklahoma has all these toll booths that took us by surprise. By that I mean they were completely annoying…

New Mexico had this haze… it was later when I found out the state was pretty much on FIRE.

Mom found my Baby Shoes.

This picture of my Grandmother and Mom is probably one of my favorites of all time.





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  2. Casa Donnelly

    September 26th, 2016 at 11:36 am

    Great pictures! and yes I agree lovely picture of mom and grandma!

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