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Two days after my massive road trip across the United States, I flew down to Panama. My buddy Brian and I decided to backpack and sail from Panama to Colombia in two weeks. Foolish? Nah. Awesome? Hell yeah.

Panama City is incredible. To be honest, I did almost no research before flying down there and had no idea it was such a cosmopolitan city.

It is massive. And Insanely hot.

Seriously it was like walking around in a hot air dryer (a recurring theme on this trip).

We explored Panama City for a couple of days before taking a bus to Portobelo, the port where we were setting sail from.

If you ever go to Panama City, I strongly encourage you to stay in Casco Viejo, the old part of town. Its going through some massive restoration, but the quaint restaurants, art galleries and awesome bars is what brings everyone there.

Also, you can’t really go to Panama City and not explore the locks… which, from a non-geeky and engineering view (Brian is an engineer) it is still quite impressive.

Here we go, Part 1.

One fan in our hostel room. One. I needed 18.

Boats waiting to cross the Canal.

Pizza is massively popular in Panama.

I almost cried they were so good.

The new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Very Impressive.

Picture Mom will not love.

If you are ever in Panama, you MUST take a public bus there. They are quite the experience. Our bus ride to Portobelo was quite entertaining. The music blasts to deaf inducing levels.

Seeing that sailboat sunk in the distance, didn’t calm my nerves on the fact that I was sailing a passage to Colombia.

Part 2 coming soon (more pictures of Portobelo and some Kayaking adventures)

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