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Portobelo, Colón

Portobelo, Colón

Small quite town of about 3,000. According to wikipedia I mean, because it feels more like 300. This was the port town where we were supposed to meet up for our big sailing adventure. The town is RICH in history. In 1980 the ruins of the Spanish colonial fortifications, along with nearby Fort San Lorenzo, were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Since we had an extra day before our big sailing adventure, The owner of Captain Jack’s hostel (an excellent place to stay, with a rad owner and fantastic happy hour) set us up with an awesome tour guide named Jason. When I say awesome, I mean awesome. This guy was an adventure guide, zoologist, horticulturist and history buff all rolled into one.

How did we get around the whole town? By Canoe of course. Who got so sunburned it hurt to move the next two days? Brian and I of course.

The whole day was absolutely magical (besides being completely unfit and prepared to paddle like olympic athletes). I wholeheartedly recommend you guys look up Jason, if you ever need an excellent way to spend the day there. (You can literally just say, JASON TOUR? And people will get him in contact with you).

Portobelo, excellent learning stop on this tour, with excellent food, and welcoming people.  Next up, our big sailing trip!!!!


Points if you spot the animals in the picture above.

Ant Trail. Eff that.

Horrible. Scream inducing. Picture. it is even hard for me to edit a spider picture.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.


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