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Colby Melvin // Paul Ferrer Underwear

I don’t need a lot.
I don’t need big fancy lights, big locations, stylists, make up artists, art directors, etc.

All I need is good light & and a good model.

Sure, sometimes you need help here and there with big shoots, but sometimes the simplest shoots produce the best results.

Here is Colby, lounging around, with magical light. It was the last shoot at my old place. Glad we got some great pictures.


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  1. Colby Melvin Poses in Underwear Again | Gay Porn Blog, Porn Stars, XXX News - Queer Porn Nation

    August 31st, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    […] seen a lot of Colby Melvin in Andrew Christian underwears already and here he is again in turquoise briefs by Paul Ferrer taken by L.A. photographer Gabriel Gastelum showing a calmer side of him as opposed to the goofball he was horsing arund in the Andrew […]

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