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The Robinson Family

I’ve known Kendra since the first day I moved into my college dorm room. We lived directly in front of each other and we would always chat with hands full of gummy bears. It’s been almost 10 years of friendship.

When I moved to LA, her family welcomed me with open arms. Moving to a new city can be harsh, but her family had no problem inviting me to BBQs, special dinners and even Thanksgiving. They are my Los Angeles family. They are truly special.

I was so glad when they asked me to take some photos of them one day. Kendra and Kaylan have the most infectious laughs in the history of ever. Also, the family has one of the most incredible backyards that feels more like a jungle in the middle of the city.

No Sears-like portraits here my friends. You get laughs. Smiles. And love.

That is what a family session should be all about.

I can talk forever on how awesome these two girls are.
All around awesome personalities.

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