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There are so many pictures I take in a session.

It’s a problem when it comes to blogging because I want to blog all of them.

This was especially the case with Alexie.

Alexie is a dancer of unicorn proportions. What I mean by that is when she dances, [it is unreal]. There is so much life behind her simple smile, so you can imagine why it was difficult for me to choose a favorite. They were all my favorite.

So many, that I decided to post her shoot in two parts. I don’t care, I will post as many as I want!

Alexie likes cupcakes, eating at new restaurants and high kicks. This was a shoot (and friendship) that was meant to be. We didn’t need fancy locations and an insane wardrobe. All we needed was Alexie, her smile, a walk around the neighborhood and cupcake talk.


and here is a sneak peek at the second part of her series!

So Excited

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