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When Arizbe asked me if I would give her a maternity shoot, I was a bit hesitant to be honest. But, Arizbe is a close close friend of mine and I agreed since we would be comfortable around each other.

I had never ever done a maternity shoot before and I really have no idea what expectant mothers visualize for a maternity picture. I didn’t want no portrait session here with heart shaped hands over the stomach or cheesy “Sears” like poses.

Luckily, Arizbe didn’t expect any of that either.

Also, she brought cupcakes to the session.

If I could have put my arms around her all the way I would have hugged that baby right out.

Arizbe glows during the session. Smiles, Laughs and good fun were had at the Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix. BIG PROPS to her for handling such massive heat.

Arizbe and Robert picked the Arizona Science Center since it has special meaning to them. Also, it’s their way of assuring their kid will be a self- described “geek”, just like them.


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