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palm springs getaway

A couple of weeks ago I drove to Arizona to visit my family and for a couple of shoots. I was supposed to help out at a wedding in Palm Springs, but it turns out I wasn’t needed.

Luckily, my good friend Clinton still invited me over for a relaxing two days.

It is so amazing just to leave the city once in a while, relax by a pool, eat good food, have good drinks and laugh with great friends.

Btw, Clinton has one of the most incredible houses I have ever been in and he is an awesome host (grilled pizzas and drinks by the pool helloooo).

I love it. 

I am for sure not an interior photographer, but that didn’t stop me from snapping a lot of pictures of his house.

I love the light effect the disco ball gives the living room when the light hits it just right.

This piano has some incredible history behind it (amazing songs have been written on it) and it is incredible just to sit down and play it.

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