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Sara Happ // Iconic Beauty // Nordstrom

This past weekend I had the pleasure to meet Sara. Sara is quite well known in the beauty industry. She is the original creator of a [very popular lip scrub]. A product that she started in her own small kitchen.

What began in Sara’s kitchen is now a phenomenon all over the world. 

She asked me if I could come and capture an event she was attending at Nordstrom. While I usually don’t blog my events, this one was a little special. Big powerhouses like Chanel, Burberry, Mac and Bobby Brown were there, but Sara had the biggest applause. I guess people love a good success story.

It has been her dream to sell at Nordstrom and now she does. She was so incredibly thankful that she even made people in the audience cry!

Sara is hardworking, smart and hello, gorgeous.

I can’t wait to work with her this week on some portraits and product shots for her line.

Congrats Sara!

Once they opened the doors it was Chaos.

Told ya. Sara made people cry with her awesome story.

I walked around the whole event. Sara was the only one with the line of people to meet her. It was weird, I had just met her but felt so proud of her!


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