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I wrote the story below a few days ago intending to blog it this week. This morning Chris informed me that Norma passed away in peace surrounded by the people that love her. It was truly an honor to have met her and captured her smile before she passed. All my love to Chris today. […]

A rare one. A maternity session! This is a super late post. So late that little Lennon has already been born, gone to college and started a successful career in the non-profit sector as a lawyer. Kidding. If you hire me for a Maternity session. please don’t expect those type of portraits you see at […]

It’s just drag honey. These images were a long time coming. I’m sorry for that. I’m trying my best to catch up stop yelling at me! I think I never rushed because Ethan wrote some {absolutely incredible words} about that day. He talks about how I don’t know what I’m doing (And still don’t btw), […]

To this day, Miles Jai makes me laugh like no other from his Youtube Channel. Its the little things I think. little moments he adds to his videos that have me laughing out loud. Miles is not only one of the funniest on youtube (he is also my roommate now). I’ve learned a lot from […]

Hold on tight, you know Trixie’s a little bit dangerous She’s got what it takes to make ends meet, The eyes of a lover that hit like heat You know she’s a little bit dangerous 100 Percent Woman. Trixie Mattel is undoubtably one of the most influential drag queens in the world right now. I […]

  Hello 2017. What a start to the year right?  2016 was a whirlwind. I know a lot of bad happened, even to me, but a lot of great happened as well. Although, looking back, it was absolutely  not a bad year for me. Sure I suffered some losses, from deaths to heartbreak, but I […]

Hey Los Angeles,  Your drag scene is first class. It is no surprise though. Los Angeles has some of the best drag queens in the entire world.  Speaking of first class. Let me introduce you to Lola. Lola Rose.  Miss Lola Rose is a brilliant drag queen. An world class makeup artist {Seriously you should […]

Ok. I promised myself that I would blog more this year. And this time, I hired an assassin to come threaten me if I did. Blogging is how I got known you know? I have no idea why I slowed down so so much.  So its time to play the catch up game. Let’s go […]

a mile away  that is how far you can be and still see Shelly’s smile.  it’s the most amazing ray of sunshine  we needed a little something more serious for her shoot and portfolio  but trust me, that smile can knock down buildings  (also, the cigarettes were only used for the effect. calm down)  Facebook […]

I love when I can say that I made a good friend during a shoot.  I’ve met a lot of people during my time as a photographer and I can honestly say a lot of them have became really close friends. Parker is one of those people.  We clicked due to our wanderlust. We love […]