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a mile away  that is how far you can be and still see Shelly’s smile.  it’s the most amazing ray of sunshine  we needed a little something more serious for her shoot and portfolio  but trust me, that smile can knock down buildings  (also, the cigarettes were only used for the effect. calm down)  Facebook […]

I love when I can say that I made a good friend during a shoot.  I’ve met a lot of people during my time as a photographer and I can honestly say a lot of them have became really close friends. Parker is one of those people.  We clicked due to our wanderlust. We love […]

Talent.  That describes Mat Chavez perfectly. That man has a universe of talent coming out of those hands of his.  I was in NYC earlier this year and had the chance to catch up with him again and take a couple of portraits. We wanted to capture him as an artist in NYC.  him on […]

the perfect light a dash of rain  surrounded by green // a perfect Pacific Northwest afternoon  I’m so into the beauty of the PNW and couples who are the kindest around  I’ve said it a thousand times and it will always be true you can do whatever you want for your wedding. and when you […]

Spending a good amount of time in other cultures, observing, seeing ways of life. These things, have impacted my vision of life more than anything else. Tokyo is an unbelievable city. Never have I been in a city so big and so quiet at the same time.  Tokyo is a city of infinite entertainment and […]

Quizá no fue coincidencia encontrarme contigoTal vez esto lo hizo el destinoQuiero dormirme de nuevo en tu pechoY después me despierten tus besos I really don’t know where to start with this one. There is just so much to say. It was such an incredible wedding, filled with so many incredible moments, that I just…. […]

Ever since I worked with Laganja, I knew I was working with other worldly talent.  To this day, no other Drag Queen has inspired and collaborated more with me than Laganja Estranja. Her talent is out of this universe and I am so happy she enjoys my hugs. I honestly can never wait what she […]

Right now…it seems like the world is full of hate.  and it is scary.  Today I blog something full of love.  My best friends this year brought life into this world. And I know for a fact, they will only teach their children to love unconditionally. Not matter who you are or what you believe […]

This has been one of my favorite looks that I have done so far for this project.  I just loved how it turned out. Sure the makeup isn’t the best, and I made a lot of mistakes when you look closely at them, but I don’t care!  The look itself was inspired by one of […]

// You wanna break my heart, alright// I caught your fever, I’ll be feeling it forever// You want a brand new start, alright// I caught your fever, I’ll be feeling it forever It’s been a while since I published anything on this website.  It seems that with so many social media outlets these days, from […]