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You know those sessions? Those incredible engagement sessions? Those sessions where you go to the location and take pictures and yell “SHUT THE FUCK UP” after each shot? This was one of those sessions. Like a perfectly baked cake with the right amount of icing. This session was just delicious. Wow…Obviously I’m incredibly hungry while […]

I love the connections you make in Los Angeles sometimes. A few years ago Paula and I were both assistants at a shoot (she does incredible hair styling), we met, we laughed, we hugged, we became friends. Now we run our own shoots and are bad ass and awesome (she will agree to this).  Then […]

Ok Ok.  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. For that I am sorry. But this year, more than ever things have been really really amazingly crazy. Wedding season has started in full force. And while I WISH I had time to blog all of them, it’s just not realistic.  But…. I definitely need to […]

I met Kati and Steven last year through some mutual friends. It was like:  “Oh we just got engaged!” and I was like “Oh I’m a wedding photographer!”  BAM.  I say this a lot. I love the couples I get to work with. But the awesome thing is that a lot of them become really […]

A neon graveyard.  I mean….. HOW COOL IS THAT?  So lets back up a bit before getting into the cool details of this wedding location. I met Jason a long long time ago. To this day, he is still the first person that ever offered me a beer. So I thought he was the coolest […]

“We have a surprise for you guys, not only is it Eva’s baptism today, but it is also our wedding” To be honest, I knew what was going to happen before they announced it. That morning as they were setting up for the baptism, Mar told me she had a confession, that it was also […]

The met in high school. They became fast friends. Then life made them each take separate paths for a while. But a few years later, they couldn’t deny their connection that they once shared in their youth. Kirsten and Adam reconnected again after a couple of years and they haven’t looked back since. They share […]

I met Elaine & Kurtis at a Santa Monica coffee shop almost a year ago. They bought me a donut so we all obviously became besties at that exact moment. Elaine is also a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance and we talked all about our favorite dancers. I love it when […]

Here it is, the second part of one of the most epic weddings I have photographed. In case you missed it, Lindah and Adam spent the first weekend in Malaysia celebrating traditional Malaysian wedding customs. [CLICK HERE] to go check it out. Because so many friends and family were traveling so far to see Lindah […]

I don’t even know where to start with this wedding. I guess I should start with how incredibly lucky I am. The fact that I was able to go to Malaysia to photograph one of the most epic weddings of all time blows my mind. Also, I want to say how lucky I am that […]