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And do you ever feel like you’re alone?And do you ever wish you’d be unknown?I can say that I have.. And do you ever feel things here aren’t right?And do you ever feel the time slip by?And I can say that I have.. So hear this pleaseAnd watch as your heart speeds up endlesslyAnd look […]

Get ready! When I first got a fancy camera. I took a lot of self-portraits. not out of vanity or anything like that, but because I was the only subject i could find. i had no models. no agencies to send me models. i didn’t know who to shoot so i photographed myself and I’ll […]

I’ve never considered myself a writer or good with words (maybe that’s why I’m a photographer), so bear with me as I try and conjure something worth reading. This will resonate with some and probably will not with others. I’ve been in a really dark place recently, emotionally.  The last couple of weeks have been […]

This was fun to clean up. By fun I mean not fun.

I haven’t made an update on my self-portrait project in a very long time. I actually haven’t made any update about anything in a really long time. Blogging is getting harder. I feel like less and less people are reading it. But I still love it. So I’m gonna keep doing it. Its getting close […]

Don’t you love farce?My fault, I fear.I thought that you’d want what I wantSorry, my dear!And where are the clownsSend in the clowns …. Don’t bother they’re here. 

‘Cause I just can’t look its killing meAnd taking controlJealousy, turning saints into the seaTurning through sick lullabiesChoking on your alibiBut it’s just the price I payDestiny is calling meOpen up my eager eyes‘Cause I’m Mr Brightside

It’s been quite the summer. For those of you that follow me, you could probably tell that my postings really slowed down since April. A lot of life has happened. But don’t worry, I will be catching up as much as I can in the next couple of months. I promise. I recently started a […]

If I HAD to pick a favorite photographer at the moment, it would have to be Sarah Rhoads and her husband. Simply put, their style and photography is something that I aspire to get to someday. Almost every time she updates her blog, I get such a rush of inspiration. I suggest you check out […]