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Tribal Brands // No Ordinary Corporate Headshots // Photography

I am not one for boring and posed images. If a potential client contacts me and explains they only want posed portraits I will suggest we do a little more than that. When Tribal Brands (and the wonderful Erin) contacted me for a project involving pictures of their employees, I must admit, I got a little worried because it would have been my biggest corporate gig.

Erin then sent me the idea for the shoot and I was immediately on board. Once I realized they didn’t want those lame portraits that most corporate companies have, I knew that this was a great opportunity to have fun and take some great shots!

The shoot brought out a lot of fun in everyone (well, mostly everyone) and I also realized that I have way too many props lying around my apartment. The employees were also allowed to bring their own materials (i.e. surfboard) and some went really out of their way to bring in some fun stuff!

To all the employees over at Tribal, thank you so much for making this one of the funnest photo sessions in a long time!! I can’t wait to see how the images are used in the future.

Below, check out some of my favorites!

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