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Art for Art Project // Photographer Ricky Middlesworth

I’m starting a new project in 2014.
A creative collaboration. Now with a new name. Art for Art.


It is pretty simple. I’m working with various photographers, videographers, actors, dancers, artists, painters, drawers, writers, photographers; creative people to collaborate with. I use my medium, photography, to take their portrait. And they will pay it back, in their own unique way. That could be from taking my picture to showing me a dance move.

Its time to start meeting more creative people out there. I think it will definitely open up lots of great stories to tell.

If you are a creative person, especially in the Los Angeles area, and would like to get involved or nominate someone that would be interested [Contact Me]. Let’s get this journey started.


Ricky Middlesworth.

I’m going to have you [click here] to go and see Ricky’s work. Within seconds you will be able to tell that his talent is extraordinary. Ricky is not only one of my favorite photographers, but he is also one of my favorite people in Los Angeles.

I’ve actually been with him on a couple of shoots, and he might not know this, but just watching him has taught me a lot.

Our styles are completely different. I’m very last minute, on the go, in the moment type of photographer. But, Ricky has taught me that details are very important, and can truly change a photograph. He has a vision and works hard to get that vision made. He works hard on his sets and it shows. While I can give you 10 pictures from a certain picture. He will give you one. But just that one, is astounding. It will blow your mind.

Each image he produces is incredible. I always can’t wait to see what he will do next. (You should see his interior design skills as well. Amazing)

It was a little intimidating to shoot him actually. But that is another awesome part of this project. Its teaching me to put myself out there, not only as a photographer, but as a subject.

Meet Ricky.










IMG_5092 IMG_5031



Here is Ricky’s portrait of me. I don’t think I will ever look manlier than this.

His lighting. His set up. So amazing. He is available for bookings in Los Angeles & Worldwide.

[Contact Him] 

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