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Art For Art Project // What is it?


So as many of you loyal readers (Hi Mom and Dad!) have noticed, I have embarked on an amazing new project in 2014.

The original idea came from my good friend and fellow photographer [Anna Wu], who is actually going to be featured soon on the project!. She mentioned that she was asking other photographers to take part in a creative collaboration. A “you take my portrait and I take yours” kind of deal.

On the drive up from Arizona after the holidays. I kept thinking how great the idea was, but I definitely wanted to take it a little further. I didn’t want to focus on just photographers. I wanted to encompass all sorts of creative individuals. Art is such a broad term and I wanted to incorporate that broadness. Dancers, actors, designers, graphic designers, painters, builders, photographers, furniture makers, singers, etc.

Truth be told, any city has people that bring incredible creations to it. But, I live in a city that breathes art. The talent in Los Angeles is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It can be a little intimidating at times, but another point of this project is to collaborate with fellow peers and people that can teach me new things.

The basic concept of the project is that simple.  I use my medium, photography, to take a portrait. And they will pay it back, in their own unique way. That could be from taking my picture to showing me a dance move. So if you are a painter, I will take your picture and you might end up painting me something. Thats how it goes. I’ve contacted so many people recently and they all seem really eager to participate.

I am really excited for the people that are lined up to be part of this project so far.

If you are interested in checking out who has been involved so far. Click on categories above and search Art for Art Project!

Also, thank you [Mike M.] for creating this awesome logo and a photo stamp  down below for me! You are truly a talent!

Have someone you think would make a good candidate? Or are you interested in participating? Then [Contact] me and lets get this journey started.







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