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Art for Art Project // Photographer Clinton Meyer


Clinton has been there since the beginning.

Back when I was contemplating on whether I should pursue photography or not, I discovered a site known as Flickr. What was cool about Flickr is you were able to join groups and discover all sorts of photography. Stunning photography from insane talent.

But there was one project that really called to me. A project where you take a self portrait everyday for a single year. 365 self portraits. Its a daunting task and way harder than it seems. Clinton was the one doing the project, and his photography blew me away.

So I decided to embark on the same adventure. It was that project that taught me the most about photography to be honest. I never took classes in photography, but taking a picture everyday for a year certainly taught me way more than I could have ever expected.

And during the process, Clinton and I became great friends. I probably wouldn’t be where I am with my photography if it wasn’t for him.

You can imagine how excited I was to involve him in this project. He takes amazing pictures. But he does a lot more than that. He is one creative individual for sure. [Go Check Out His Website] He has done everything from logo design to international brand campaigns.

We, of course, had to take self portraits during our shoot.

Meet Clinton.













Here are Clinton’s pictures of me.

My beard was super thick! I like that he captured it.

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