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Madrid // Spain

Usually I do one big blog post for the entire trip. But that isn’t possible this time. We saw so much and did so much in those two weeks in Spain that I have to do it by city. So let’s start with the first and last city on my trip. 


Most of the time I hear that Barcelona is the favorite city. But I’m not going to lie, I think I preferred Madrid in the end. It’s not that Madrid is the better city (or is it?), but its because I actually spent time enjoying the city as a non-tourist. 

Christine and I had a few days in Madrid together. And we KILLED IT. We drank the best Rose, had the best meal of my entire life (which will be in a separate blog post), walked, got lost, shopped, ate, drank some more, ate some more, drank rose by the pool, became models during Madrid fashion week, and drank more Rose. 

After she left, I stayed with my friend Jasson and his roommate Cila, and I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality. They made me feel as if I had been living in Madrid for years. They took me to eat the most amazing burrata, walked around parks, a typical Madrid house party, cooked for me, watched old school movies and made me laugh constantly. 

It was nice to just relax and enjoy the city.

I love Madrid. It loves me back. So I will return soon one day. I promise. Mi corazon esta colgando en tus manos. 

(Next up, Barcelona, Granada & Seville) 

Sometimes I don’t take my camera everywhere. I know I’m a professional photographer. But you I leave it at home at days so I can enjoy myself and not worry about THE BEST PICTURE you know? 

But I do like having a good camera on my phone (thanks Apple!) Here are a few of those moments from Madrid. 

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