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GENDERFUCK // Self Portrait Project

So recently I was part of the first issue of [QUEEN MAGAZINE]. It is a ground-breaking magazine focused on the world of drag. It is stunning. The first issue is world class and I am so excited to be part of it. Seriously, go order your copy. 

I’ll blog about the editorial in time. You can catch a sneak peek of it on my [Instagram].


This post is about my contributor image. 

Since the magazine is a tribute to the art of drag, I figured I needed to go all out. Big makeup, big nails, big wig.

Fuck yeah. 

Its not FULL ON drag (trust me, its coming), but this was a nice introduction to it. Props to those queens, because makeup is hard. and taking a self portrait in those evil nails was one of the toughest things ever. 

Of course I am the only one that did this for the contributor image. 

BUT NO REGRETS! It was fun as hell. So much respect. Makeup is hard. Taking a selfie in those nails was HARD. not sweating in wigs is HARD. It’s funny, even in the LGBTQ community, doing something like this makes you less “Masculine.” I had so many friends tell me they didn’t think someone like me would ever do this and how “feminine” it is considered. Are we that fragile in our masculinity that putting on a wig and makeup will make me less of a man? I mean seriously?! I could get into a big debate about that, but my only response to those that think that is 

Shut the fuck up. 

This is 2015. Stop with your gender rules. 

The art of drag has always fascinated me. And the people that do it have my outmost respect. I am so so excited to have this as my contributor image. 

Just wait till I am brave enough to do an actual drag portrait. 

it will happen. one day. 


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