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Kati Loves Steven

I met Kati and Steven last year through some mutual friends. It was like: 

“Oh we just got engaged!” and I was like “Oh I’m a wedding photographer!” 


I say this a lot. I love the couples I get to work with. But the awesome thing is that a lot of them become really really good friends. Once I found out Kati and Steven share the same love of sweets and tacos as much as I do, I knew it was going to be the best. 

(FYI it is the best) 

a big event. filled with people you love. the cali sun.

a rockin bride. an awesome groom

aint that a good thing.

Kati and Steven, I can’t begin to tell you how lucky I am to have been able to photograph your wedding. 

being a part of a day like this, these are the days that leave me going home absolutely inspired. it is not actual weddings that inspire me. the details. the florals. Thats not what the day means. It’s not about that. Its about LOVE. being able to come into a family and friends like this? seeing a union like this? feeling the awesome connection and emotion the entire day makes me so happy to be a photographer. 

You cant pretend to love. when its there, its gold. 

and this day? it was gold

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