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Marissa & Rafael // Arizona Engagement

“I want to do the engagement in our hometown. It just has so much meaning to me.” 

Marissa and I grew up in the same little border town in Arizona. The reason so many of us have been able to leave that town an conquer the world is because of our strong roots there. 

So it thrilled me when Marissa suggested the engagement be done back in little Nogales. 

We stopped by her grandmother’s house, whose legacy sparkles throughout the town (my little sister even had swimming lessons there). And who has one of the largest remaining Walnut trees in town. Nogales means “black walnuts” in Spanish, and the walnut trees which once grew abundantly are few now.

We stopped by the Holler & Saunders home right at the border. Which was truly one of the most magnificent homes I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph in. The art and architecture collection was overwhelming to my camera. So beautiful. 

And of course, one of the best things about Arizona is how beautiful the landscape is… and those sunsets. We’ve all traveled all over the world and nothing beats Arizona sunsets. So we aimed to capture all this. We even shot at her house, where they had their first dance. 

It was fantastic. Magic. 

But let’s talk about Marissa & Rafael now. While I can go on and on about how they met and love each other… I won’t. I want to talk about the feeling I got around them. That feeling of just incredible love. Maybe it was because I was photographing them, but when Rafael looks at Marissa you can FEEL that he loves her with all his being. It is as if his eyes sparkle. And when Marissa and Rafael both look and smile at each other, a new universe in the far distance is formed. 

These two are amazing people. I am so honored that they had me photograph their engagement and I am so excited for their wedding in Mexico next year. 

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