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Club Allard // Madrid

So Christine has always been my fine dining guru.

The girl knows her food.

So on our trip to Spain she took me to one of the most amazing restaurant experiences I’ve ever had. Christine did her research and knew that we had to go to this restaurant. 

I’ve never been to a Michelin rated restaurant before. And lets talk about Maria Marte. The only female chef in all of Spain with TWO stars. She was so sweet, coming out and talking to us and having the brightest smile ever. 

Anyway. From the food to the wine. The experience was indescribable. I’m not a food writer, so I’m not going to attempt to even write about it. 

I was even too shy to take my big camera. So all these photos are from my iPhone, and edited with VSCO. 

You sit down, and then you see the business card. And the experience begins with “you eat the card with this dip” 



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