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Rebecca & Bennett // San Diego Engagement

Sometimes it astounds me how things work out. 

Becky sent me an email saying that she had asked on her Facebook if anyone knew any wedding photographers. We had ONE friend in common, and she recommended me. A meet-up in Los Angeles and some laughs later, bam we were besties. 

Becky and Bennet met while they were both traveling in Israel. They both now live in San Diego with two of the most adorable dogs ever. Becky, a marine scientist works as a conservation program manager and Bennett is in the United States Coast Guard. 

So Becky really wanted to re-create a photo. A famous photo actually. AND she also was up for an idea I had… working with colored SMOKE! A themed shoot? AND smoke as well! Hello, of course it was epic. 

The whole session showcases their fun personality and their love for each other. 

I am thrilled to be shooting their wedding next year and I know great things are in store for these two amazing people. 

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