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Self Portrait Project // Bloom

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” 

Flowers are so majestic. When they bloom it can be one of the most beautiful sights mother earth can offer. Its not easy for a flower to grow. it requires time, lots of light and it must shift through a lot of dirt. It can be a nice allegory to what we go through as humans sometimes right? In order to bloom, sometimes we have to shift through the dirt. 

In darkness.. flowers cannot grow. So surrounded yourself by light. 

And let yourself bloom. 

Picture information: All the flowers were bought at the dollar store. And the crown was made together using just a lot of glue from a glue gun. A little spray paint here and there was a also used. As for the makeup. THANK YOU to the drag queen who recommended I use MAC Chromacake. It is amazing. I bought the purple one, but will eventually be buying all the colors. the rest was black greasepaint from Mehron and some NYX liquid eyeliner. 

Strobist: Alien Bees 1600 and a big ass softbox. 

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