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Cynthia & Keith // Arizona Engagement

I don’t know where to start. How does one write a blog post for their little sister. 

I guess I can start by saying that they did this as a favor to me. Cynthia and Keith already have an incredible photographer to capture their special day (I will be part of the wedding), so they actually have another engagement shoot planned. 

But I don’t care. Its my little sis. (and future little bro). I had to do it. 

It’s hard to write down the love I have for Cynthia. You know in that song “The Story” when Belinda sings “…its true, that I was made for you.” Well… its true. There are literally no words to describe how much I love her. Only interpretive dancing. Which you can’t see. Too bad. She is my true flesh and blood. And you can tell how similar we are in some pictures. It was TOUGH to capture her because she can’t help but make faces. Like her big bro. 

And Keith. I can’t imagine a better partner for my sister. The epitome of what a gentlemen should be resides in Keith. His kind and loving nature transcends universes and man he can keep up with the comedy that is our family. I absolutely can’t wait till he is officially part of the family (even though he already is). 

So here we go. Some awesome pictures of these two. And if you missed it, there was even a video of that day! {CLICK HERE} to check it out. 

These two were a blast to shoot. They would be serious one second and laughing the next. You’ll see. 

Love you both. 

Cynthia and Keith 

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