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Sunshine Coast // Australia

I’ve been really lucky to have traveled to so many places. I am a portrait photographer, so sometimes I feel like I can’t capture these places I go to. As in, I just don’t ever think I can capture a place like I can capture a person. 

The Sunshine Coast felt like one of these places. 

No matter how many photos I took, it just didn’t feel like I was capturing the beauty that I was seeing. 

A beautiful little condo, good food, amazing laughs, surrounded by my best friends.

I smiled till my face hurt. What a magical few days in the Sunshine Coast. Be forewarned. There are A LOT of family pictures. It was little John Gabriel’s first time at the beach so I loved loved loved capturing his reaction with his Mom and Pops. 

One of my favorite weekends of last year. I can’t wait to go back 

Also here are some more pics from my Canon Gx7, my little power horse of a camera that I LOVE. 

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