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Australia // St. Andrews Beach & Melbourne

My time in Melbourne was actually longer than my time in Sydney, but I took almost no pictures {Although Click Here for a Bomb Ass Video of my Trip There} . I really have no idea why. I spent my time in Melbourne less worried about capturing what I was doing and enjoying my time with amazing friends in an amazing city. 

Speaking of amazing friends, big shout out to Conor and Cassandra for hosting me the entire time. I met Connor through my friend Jake (Who I stayed with in Sydney) when he was visiting LA years ago and we have been Pandas in crime since then. 

They took me to their amazing beach house in St. Andrews. We had Rose by the beach, talked, watched the sunsets. Set up a fun campfires. Got attached by a mother fucking Huntsman spider. I swear to go they were following me in Australia. I had 5 encounters total. No.

Where was I……

They showed me around the city, taking me to great bars and eating some damn good food. I loved Bar Trivia night. 

I really loved Melbourne, it reminded me a lot of Seattle (my favorite city). But it was hanging out with Conor and Cassandra that really made it and to all the new friends I made as well. 

What an incredible city. I can’t wait to be back. 

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