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Dreaming // Self Portrait Project

This has been one of my favorite looks that I have done so far for this project. 

I just loved how it turned out. Sure the makeup isn’t the best, and I made a lot of mistakes when you look closely at them, but I don’t care! 

The look itself was inspired by one of my favorite Drag Queens I know. MILK QUEEN. Whose looks are so fun and unique. 

There is even a video on how I did the look! {CLICK HERE} to watch it. 

A lot of my recent looks, their inspiration has come from a darker place. Say a more dramatic lyrics from a song. But this one is just fun and whimsical. 

I called this one DREAMING.. mostly because I look at myself and it reminds me of one of my favorite blondie songs. 

Dreaming is free
I don’t want to live on charity
Pleasure’s real or is it fantasy?
Reel to reel is living rarity
People stop and stare at me

We just walk on by – we just keep on dreaming

Dream dream, even for a little while
Dream dream, filling up an idle hour
Fade away, radiate

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