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Goddess Hathor // Laganja Estranja // Editorial

Ever since I worked with Laganja, I knew I was working with other worldly talent. 

To this day, no other Drag Queen has inspired and collaborated more with me than Laganja Estranja. Her talent is out of this universe and I am so happy she enjoys my hugs. I honestly can never wait what she will bring us in the future. All Stars 3 perhaps? Who knows. She would certainly be worthy. 

Laganja saw that I was experimenting with makeup and studio work. So we was like “Let me come over, we can have some fun!” 

The fact that she let me paint her meant a lot at to me. Not only that, during the process she gave me amazing tips and pointers and even helped out herself. 

My friend [Lee Faircloth], who is a wizard when it comes to retouching helped me out with the final look and they came out beyond stunning. Seriously, if any photographers are reading this, contact Lee for retouching because good god those skills. 

As for the name of the shoot, Hathor is an Egyptian goddess. And the look kinda gave me an Egyptian vibe. One of the most important goddesses, linked with the sky, the sun, music and DANCE. Which fits perfectly with Laganja. 


Photography & Makeup: Gabriel Gastelum

Model: Laganja Estranja 

Retouching: Lee Faircloth

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