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Lola Rose || Los Angeles Drag Queen

Hey Los Angeles, 

Your drag scene is first class. It is no surprise though. Los Angeles has some of the best drag queens in the entire world. 

Speaking of first class. Let me introduce you to Lola. Lola Rose. 

Miss Lola Rose is a brilliant drag queen. An world class makeup artist {Seriously you should book her} and great performer. 

Actually the other week I went over to talk makeup and drag and Lola ended up painting me. And I LOOKED SO AMAZING. 


Anyway. one of the truly great things about Los Angeles is the incredible talent you meet. Everyday. It amazes me to no end the level of creativeness I’ve encountered in this brilliant city. Lola here is one of them. If you have followed me, you have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of makeup myself, and I have had the best teachers. Lola being one of them (I would consider her one of my many drag mothers :D)

I think in 2017, we are going to see amazing things from her. And I cannot wait. 

I present to you the stunning Lola Rose. 

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