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Takayama || Japan

Ok. I promised myself that I would blog more this year. And this time, I hired an assassin to come threaten me if I did. Blogging is how I got known you know? I have no idea why I slowed down so so much. 

So its time to play the catch up game. Let’s go back to Japan shall we? 

I think one of the highlights for me on the trip (ONE of them) was when we hit up Takayama. This is a city in Japan’s mountainous Gifu Prefecture. It has super narrow streets in its historic district that has tiny wooden merchants’ houses that date back to the Edo Period. No joke. 

Another highlight was that we stayed in a traditional Ryokan. A ryokan is a traditional type of Japanese inn that also originated in the Edo period. Typical features of a ryokan featured tatami matted rooms, communal baths and restaurant where you can wear traditional yukatas. It was such an amazing experience! The traditional dinner and breakfast were amazing and some meal highlights! 

Walking the town, hitting up merchants and having some of the best street food. What a visit. Seriously. Consider it. 

FOR SOME REASON. the blog is placing the images out of order. Its driving me crazy. but you will just have to deal with it 




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