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Chris & Norma

I wrote the story below a few days ago intending to blog it this week. This morning Chris informed me that Norma passed away in peace surrounded by the people that love her. It was truly an honor to have met her and captured her smile before she passed.

All my love to Chris today.


I don’t even know where to begin with this one. This story is one for the books. The awesome books. The books you keep forever in your bookshelf for that special day you want to sit down, read it, and smile. oh man, that analogy was cheesy, but I promise that this story is not.

Norma was Chris’ neighbor. And they formed a friendship that probably neither of them expected. Years living across from each other resulted in countless dinners, hangouts, movies, and laughs. Then not too long ago Norma became sick.

She had no one.

Except Chris. Her Angel.

Chris started (and finished) a super successful GoFund to help Norma with her hospital bills and hospice care. She faced the possibility of losing her home and Chris was having none of it. In the end, it was still too much money and Chris ended up moving Norma into his apartment to care for her. Doctors have told him she won’t make the year. But she is strong, and Chris is making sure to keep her as happy as possible.

There story has been featured pretty much everywhere. GoFundMe did a story on them. So did many news outlets, The Today Show, NBC, CBS, People magazine. You name it. Read those stories, they tell it better than I do.

I am so honored to have been able to capture them.

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